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  • UK-wide Q Community event 2019

    The Health Foundation

    Q is a long-term initiative led by The Health Foundation, which aims to connect and support people across the UK who have improvement expertise. Since 2016, the Q Community events have took place each year to provide opportunities for members to share their ideas, enhance skills and collaborate to make health and care better in the organisations and populations they serve.
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  • Innovation Exchange

    Y&H AHSN and Innovation Agency

    Working with a diverse mix of clients across a range of roles within the health and social care sector, Cynergy are fully aware that it is notoriously difficult to bring together NHS staff and industry innovators (such as SMEs and pharmaceuticals). This presents a real barrier to introducing innovative solutions and new ways of thinking to the NHS at a time where resources are more pressured, budgets are reduced, and the quality of patient outcomes and experience are as important as ever.
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  • NHS NWLA Festival of Leadership

    North West Leadership Academy

    In summer 2017, as part of a wider repositioning piece, the NHS North West Leadership Academy were keen to deliver an event which brought together stakeholders and reengage them in a new narrative, direction and offer around leadership development. At the time, there was a clear need for the NHS North West Leadership Academy to be much more visible, and live events are one of the most effective and powerful ways of doing this. They put a face to an organisation, make human connections and show values and personality, creating impact and buzz. The overall purpose was to celebrate the activity of the North West Leadership community, with a call to action to raise the ambition for leadership in the North West. With that in mind, Cynergy proposed the NHS NWLA Festival of Leadership.
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  • ‘Focus: Transforming ADHD Diagnosis’ Brand

    East Midlands AHSN

    Back in 2015, child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) were recognised as a priority following the East Midlands AHSN’s mental health innovation event and, as a result, funding and support of up to £300,000 were offered to innovation programmes that tackled these priorities. QbTest was one of these innovation proposals; a diagnostic tool which measures the core indicator symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The proposal for the innovation was successful and received funding for a clinical trial across three East Midlands trusts. So far, the QbTest has spread to 41 NHS trusts and 73 clinics in England, as well as to four trusts in Northern Ireland. With plans for wider adoption and spread beyond the sites currently using QbTest, Cynergy worked with the EMAHSN team to co-design a brand for the ‘Transforming ADHD Diagnosis in Children’ programme.
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