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Supporting the sustainability of ESCAPE-pain in leisure and community settings

ESCAPE-pain & Orthopaedic Research UK (ORUK)
Hosted by Orthopaedic Research UK (ORUK), ESCAPE-pain is an evidence-based, group rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain that integrates educational self-management and coping strategies with an exercise regimen individualised for each participant.


As part of a Sport England grant awarded to the Health Innovation Network (HIN), the HIN was tasked with trialling and evaluating the delivery of the ESCAPE-pain programme in leisure and community settings. Once that project had concluded, funding was allocated to support the sustainability of the programme.

However, as many of the leisure and community delivery providers had been adversely affected by the pandemic, ESCAPE-pain and ORUK wanted to develop a suite of resources aimed specifically at this sector, to support them in continuing their delivery of the programme, to support those that are paused to restart their programmes, and to attract new delivery partners to implement the programme.

This suite of resources included:

  • Business case template – for delivery partners to adapt and submit to a variety of funding bodies to secure contracts/funds to deliver the programme.
  • Infographic – to promote the benefits of implementing and delivering the ESCAPE-pain programme, aimed at leisure and community partners.
  • Motion graphic – short motion graphic illustrating what the programme is and summarising the benefit of implementing the programme in leisure and community settings.
  • Case studies – to develop written and video case studies showcasing leisure providers and commissioners who have championed the ESCAPE-pain programme, highlighting the benefits and key lessons learned.

As always, we arranged a kick-off meeting with teams from both ESCAPE-pain and ORUK, to establish the final specification and explore any new ideas and thinking that may have been floated around since the initial brief. Following this initial call, we then used all of the insight gathered to create an overall plan for delivery and project timeline to coordinate timescales for the production of each final output.

Case studies

To build the suite of case studies, Cynergy first reached out to a list of leisure providers and commissioners, provided by ORUK, to schedule virtual interviews. These contacts had all championed the ESCAPE-pain programme in their region and were happy to speak to us and share their success stories. Once interviews were confirmed with each provider, we created and shared a video interview brief and list of prompting questions to help them prepare for the recording and to ensure we captured all of the key information for the case studies. Cynergy then edited the recordings to create the video case studies and wrote up each case study into a branded ESCAPE-pain PowerPoint Template that could be shared and downloaded from their website and embedded into the business case template. Check out the case studies here.

Business case template

Through the case study interviews, this informed the business case as we used the opportunity to ask the providers for any tips and guidance that they would give to others in the leisure sector who were looking to secure contracts and funds to deliver the programme.

Drawing content from ESCAPE-pain evaluation reports, FAQs, case studies, benefit statements, infographics and successful ESCAPE-pain funding applications, Cynergy started to create the business case template, making sure it effectively built the case for ESCAPE-pain and provided all of the relevant information into one document, with one tone of voice, and using language consistent with commissioning and funding groups.

The business case developed into a helpful guide for leisure providers to follow and build their case for ESCAPE-pain, including links to helpful resources, tips, examples and question prompts to ensure they included and showcased the most relevant information for a successful application. It was also important for the business case template to be editable for providers to use and adapt the information for their funding applications. It was therefore designed as both an interactive digital flipbook and a Word document for users.

Take a look here.

Infographic and Motion Graphic

Based on our learning about ESCAPE-pain, Cynergy designed an infographic to promote the programme and the benefits it can provide for leisure providers. To create the infographic, we pulled key information from the resources provided by ORUK, as well as testimonials from the case study interviews, to ensure leisure providers got all the information they needed on one page.

Once all signed off, we then used the infographic to develop a storyboard and narrative for the motion graphic, to bring all of it to life in a fun and engaging way. We worked closely with the ORUK and ESCAPE-pain team to make sure we were all on the same page in terms of the key information highlighted throughout, tone, pace and style of the motion graphic. To ensure maximum impact and engagement, the motion graphic was kept to just over 2 minutes and is now available to watch on their YouTube channel.

Megan and Fiona were fantastic to work with, approachable, and highly organised. They understood what we were trying to achieve and used their expertise to help us shape and deliver a suite of new resources that have enhanced our programme/offer. We were truly impressed and hope to work with them again in future.

Fran Thompson, Education and Events Manager (ESCAPE-pain)


The Cynergy team developed a strong, open and collaborative relationship with the ORUK and ESCAPE-pain team throughout this entire project, and it was great to see each of their resources be brought to life through powerful and impactful design. The resources have since received a great deal of praise and we hope to work with the team at Orthopaedic Research UK and ESCAPE-pain again soon.

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