We are Cynergy - a team of strategic thinkers who create solutions which engage, motivate and empower people and systems to change and transform.


We probe, challenge and question what the future looks like and what the key challenges are, so we can inform a unique solution for your need.


We interpret, analyse and cultivate the information into an engaging, intelligent and impactful solution.


We create, develop and deliver the solution at the scale and pace appropriate to the challenge, ensuring maximum impact.


We engage, communicate and motivate your stakeholders, delivering the vision of your organisation, inspiring them to join and continue your journey with thorough evaluation, impact assessment and ROI.


Q&A: Introducing…Megan!

Eight months ago, we welcomed (not so new!) starter Megan to the Cynergy team! Over that period, we have seen her settle well into her role - so we thought it would be a good idea to ask her some quick-fire questions so that you can get to know her a bit better…

So Megan, tell us a little bit about yourself?

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We're recruiting!

Marketing and Events Assistant


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‘A hug in an app’: providing staff with a 24/7 wellbeing solution

Our NHS is the heart of the nation. In recent times, it has been put under greater strain due to financial and workforce pressures, along with the increasing demand of an ageing population. This kind of pressure has ultimately led to many parts of the NHS becoming incredibly stressful environments to work in, with 30 per cent of sickness absences due to stress.

In light of this, the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust have recently taken an incredibly innovative and disruptive step to promote wellbeing throughout their organisation.

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Together we're stronger

As a bolt on partner to our clients across healthcare, housing, justice, education and employability, we fully integrate ourselves into their organisation and aims, and bring ideas and solutions to solve their biggest challenges. This means they can concentrate on getting their job done, with confidence that our intelligence, sector knowledge, networks, passion and dedication will not only deliver, but exceed their ambitions, impact and return on investment.

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Let's make a difference together

We are passionate about making a difference. Our values are deeply held and we only work on projects which can improve lives or change society for the better. From leadership development to embedding values and behaviours, supporting the implementation of innovation to creating national improvement initiatives and developing user centred design processes, there is no challenge that phases us.

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