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Reboot the Future – UX Website Co-Design

Reboot the Future
Established in 2018, Reboot the Future is a small foundation with a big ambition to create a more sustainable and compassionate future. They work with young people at scale through the provision of educational resources and campaigns to shape their values and mindsets for the future. Following a rebrand, there was a need for some UX support to design an updated Reboot the Future website, ready for the commissioned developer to build at the end of May 2022.
Reboot the Future

The project

Cynergy were commissioned to design a new website platform on behalf of the Reboot the Future charity. At the time, they were in the process of finalising a new brand and were already working with a developer to build the new website. With just a four-week lead time, we set about working with the Reboot team to understand what exactly their needs and requirements were at this stage.

From our initial discussions with the team, we understood that the website was going to be the first application of new Reboot the Future brand anywhere, and so we needed to work closely with the Reboot team, their developer and other agencies involved to ensure that we were able to bring the brand to life through UX web design.

As a first step, we designed and delivered a virtual bespoke user workshop via Microsoft Teams and Miro, to ascertain their vision and ambitions. In this workshop we also explored any pain points that were on the existing website so that we could look to mitigate them on the new website, as well as delving into the core stakeholders and different user profiles and personas so we could understand what their needs and motivations were for visiting the website.

We used the outputs from the session to help us create a high-level site map and a set of wire frames, which we then designed into a set of user tasks to understand how users navigate the prototype and if they could find content easily within the suggested new site structure. Each task was created by looking at the website goals and pain points discovered from the user workshop. These were then shared and completed by the Reboot team and their stakeholders (around 30 participants) to test the proposed approach. We then tracked user movements and generated click heatmaps.

A User Testing Report was then created to outline our findings. The user testing tasks had a pleasing success rate, and the proposed website structure and wireframe had an average rating of 4-5 for usability. However, we also gained very insightful feedback on ways we could further improve the website’s design and navigation, e.g. making it easier to find the Campaigns section.

Following this, we then created homepage concepts using the new branding for feedback from the Reboot team. Once they had agreed on a concept to go forward with, we incorporated any feedback and created the website designs for the key pages using Figma. This allowed for quick and easy handoff to the developer.

Whilst we were undertaking the co-design process, the brand design was being finalised. An introduction call with the agency who were undertaking this was set up to discuss the brand assets, guidelines and we had the opportunity to share how we would interpret the vision of the brand to bring it all to life using our own expertise and experience of branding.

The Reboot team wanted a bold and impactful website, which immediately grabbed the users attention. We achieved this through the positioning of an animated narrative, leading straight into a campaign video. We used the new colour palette to add emphasis to key areas of the site and to draw the user into the content. The language in the menu was very carefully curated to enable users to understand where content sat, but that was impactful and met the tone and messaging that had been set in the brand guidelines. We also used interactivity across the site to add further interest and engagement for the user, which also supported their journey through the content.

The feedback process was relatively quick as the first set of designs were so good!

We appointed Cynergy to develop the UX Strategy and UI Design for Reboot the Future’s new website, which will launch in summer 2022. We have recently been through a brand strategy refresh, including the development of new a visual brand, and the website will be the first public application of the new brand. The Cynergy team were highly efficient to work with and really understood our objectives from the outset. They joined the project at relatively short notice and were very quick in getting up to speed on our organisation and our vision for the new site. They ran an excellent User Design workshop at the start of the project which engaged our whole team. The insights from both the User Design workshop and User Testing process (provided in a report) were intuitive and clear. Overall the communication was seamless throughout the project and everything was delivered on time. The feedback process was relatively quick as the first set of designs were so good! We already had a developer lined up for the project who we have worked with the past, and Cynergy made every effort to be collaborative and ensure a smooth handover of the project.

We are delighted with Cynergy’s work and would highly recommend them.

– Rebecca Dove, Programme Manager, Reboot the Future


This project had co-creation and co-design at it’s core. Through working openly and collaboratively with the Reboot the Future team, their partners and stakeholders, we were able to support them with the launch of their new brand identity and website in the four-week lead time.