We are Cynergy - a team of strategic thinkers who create solutions which engage, motivate and empower people and systems to change and transform.


We probe, challenge and question what the future looks like and what the key challenges are, so we can inform a unique solution for your need.


We interpret, analyse and cultivate the information into an engaging, intelligent and impactful solution.


We create, develop and deliver the solution at the scale and pace appropriate to the challenge, ensuring maximum impact.


We engage, communicate and motivate your stakeholders, delivering the vision of your organisation, inspiring them to join and continue your journey with thorough evaluation, impact assessment and ROI.


#NHS70 – What it means to us…

The National Health Service has just turned 70, so what better opportunity than this to give our thanks to the nation’s most loved institution! Not only does the NHS have an enormous impact on our day to day lives here at Cynergy where we work hard to support them through creative engagement solutions, but also to our personal lives outside of the workplace. Like everyone else in the country, the NHS has affected each our team in many different ways, from maternity services and general practice, right through to cancer research and end of life care.

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How do we do it differently?

Over the past ten years we have been working with the NHS North West Leadership Academy on a variety of their events, from the design and delivery of their Annual Leadership Recognition Awards to Masterclass Series and Membership Roadshows. However recently, the Academy have gone through a period of change in terms of their offer needing to align to the changing needs of members and stakeholders, giving NWLA the need to design something to meet this new, ever changing world and focus on what hot topics are important now.

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Are we co-designing, or are we steering people towards our version of the ‘right’ solution?

Co-design is a word we are hearing lots at the moment and has become a buzz word of sorts over the last few years, however, it is by no means a new concept. Here are Cynergy we’ve been using the principles of co-design for over a decade.

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Together we're stronger

As a bolt on partner to our clients across healthcare, housing, justice, education and employability, we fully integrate ourselves into their organisation and aims, and bring ideas and solutions to solve their biggest challenges. This means they can concentrate on getting their job done, with confidence that our intelligence, sector knowledge, networks, passion and dedication will not only deliver, but exceed their ambitions, impact and return on investment.

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Let's make a difference together

We are passionate about making a difference. Our values are deeply held and we only work on projects which can improve lives or change society for the better. From leadership development to embedding values and behaviours, supporting the implementation of innovation to creating national improvement initiatives and developing user centred design processes, there is no challenge that phases us.

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