We are Cynergy - a team of strategic thinkers who create solutions which engage, motivate and empower people and systems to change and transform.


We probe, challenge and question what the future looks like and what the key challenges are, so we can inform a unique solution for your need.


We interpret, analyse and cultivate the information into an engaging, intelligent and impactful solution.


We create, develop and deliver the solution at the scale and pace appropriate to the challenge, ensuring maximum impact.


We engage, communicate and motivate your stakeholders, delivering the vision of your organisation, inspiring them to join and continue your journey with thorough evaluation, impact assessment and ROI.


How do you make your event a catalyst for change?

As you can imagine, it can be incredibly difficult bringing together a large and geographically dispersed team on a regular basis – especially a group of leaders with intense time and work pressures. But even more challenging, once you have them in one room, is really making an impact that goes beyond their attendance on the day.

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Who said engaging with employees was easy?

More often than we all would like, we see internal communication strategies overlooked or simply not given enough resources to really have an impact. A strong and effective internal communications strategy is essential when it comes to creating a shared vision and meaning across all teams within an organisation, and ensures everyone is working collaboratively towards a common goal.

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We've blinked and it's 2019!

It’s a new year, so what do we want to make of it?

Looking back at 2018 we feel we achieved what we set out to, expanding our networks and developing our offer to better suit our clients’ needs. As a team we are happy with the success 2018 brought us, however that doesn’t mean we are happy to settle and have set ourselves a mountain of new challenges for the year ahead… watch this space!

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Together we're stronger

As a bolt on partner to our clients across healthcare, housing, justice, education and employability, we fully integrate ourselves into their organisation and aims, and bring ideas and solutions to solve their biggest challenges. This means they can concentrate on getting their job done, with confidence that our intelligence, sector knowledge, networks, passion and dedication will not only deliver, but exceed their ambitions, impact and return on investment.

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Let's make a difference together

We are passionate about making a difference. Our values are deeply held and we only work on projects which can improve lives or change society for the better. From leadership development to embedding values and behaviours, supporting the implementation of innovation to creating national improvement initiatives and developing user centred design processes, there is no challenge that phases us.

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