Your Homes Newcastle: Internal Engagement Campaign

Having undertaken a period of change and a new Managing Director, Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) identified that staff had felt ‘in limbo’ for some time, and therefore there was a need for a focussed internal engagement strategy to help staff navigate the changes and move YHN from being a ‘good place to work’ to being a ‘fantastic place to work’, ultimately creating a resilient organisation.

We have worked closely with Your Homes Newcastle over the past year to develop the idea of a ‘gap year’, as a temporary campaign, giving them a chance to take stock whilst a strategy is put in place for their future direction. This year long strategic project campaign encompassed many different creative elements, along with a co-design and fact-finding evaluative component to understand what had been learnt and gather views from staff. At Cynergy we are firm believers of user centred design and co-creation due to its long term cost saving effect but, most importantly, it engages customers or staff and empowers them to take ownership.

Cultivate solutions included the development of a creative sub-brand for the campaign, giving it a strong identity that staff can easily recognise whilst encouraging different thinking. (In keeping with the values and main brand guidelines.) We also delivered the design and creation of an online website, with an interactive digital map tool. This was updated monthly with new themes around culture and what could be learnt from different case studies around the world. (copyright written by Cynergy).

Cynergy also developed and facilitated an interactive culture workshop, which educated staff as well as empowering them to reflect on their own cultures and the bigger picture culture of the organisation, leaving them motivated and inspired with tangible future focused actions to take back to their workplace.

Activate solutions included the consultation on staff survey tools to collect the most impactful data and encourage participation. Thought leadership styled inspirational monthly e-postcards were also created and sent to staff in a vlog style to spread communications out in a timely manner, providing motivation and further resources to create a two-way conversation with staff to drive engagement – Cynergy designed and created these, along with writing the copy.

The 7 Wonders internal Award Scheme was also a concept we created and delivered, drawing key themes from their annual report and future plan to create seven themed awards, along with creating a sub-brand to give the awards an identity.

The Your Homes Newcastle ‘Gap Year’ is currently ongoing and we are in the planning stages around next steps for the campaign and how we can utilise the intel gained over the last year to create a tool that will share the learning and enhance the ROI of the project, for example, a ‘travel memories’ flipbook. Stay tuned to find out more!