You Design

Putting citizens at the heart of solving challenges facing the public sector to codesign and coproduce solutions through a robust process of determination, design, delivery and evaluation.

A report, ‘Patient Adoption of Mhealth,’ published by IMS Health, (September 2015) revealed that 26% of health apps are used only once, and according to McKinsey, “More than 75% of all patients expect to use digital services in the future, however, the reason patients are slow to adopt digital healthcare is primarily because existing services don’t meet their needs or because they are of poor quality.”(Healthcare’s Digital Future, July 2014)

With over 14 years experience of working in the public sector, Cynergy understand the challenges and pressures facing organisations to reduce spend  whilst improving delivery and managing demand from citizens.  The potential of digital health solutions to transform health delivery, improve patient care and reduce costs is considerable but will only be realised if these solutions are grounded in a true co production process with users and patients at the heart of the design process.

Organisations are naturally moving more and more services online in order to meet demand reduce costs and reduce capacity. However, our experience echoes the research above, and we know this move online isn’t always having the desired effect. We believe this is essentially because they are often created to suit an individual or presupposed need, without engaging the end user fully, resulting in a large waste of vital resources, cost and time which could be invested elsewhere.

To address this issue, Cynergy have therefore developed a unique process, ‘The You Design Way’ which puts citizens at the heart of solving challenges facing the public sector. Based on the Six Principles of Co-Production, and in collaboration with Professor Becky Malby of London South Bank University, ‘You Design’ empowers citizens in the design and creation of solutions to transform service delivery.

Specialist interactive workshops and a bespoke online platform, developed by Cynergy’s team of strategic thinkers, are used to connect citizens to co produce and design solutions through a robust process of determination, design, delivery and evaluation. Working alongside citizens and using their insight and expertise, we create  a well formed need – one which meets the needs of end users, improving service delivery, enhancing customer experience and actually delivering against its objectives whilst creating an asset-based model of citizenship.

You Design builds the voices of end users and citizens from beginning to end of the process, which is then embedded into both the design of the solution. As a result it is evidence-based and meets needs - and messaging supports the implementation of the solution, as people actively search for peer to peer recommendations as they feel it is much more trustworthy. This creates momentum and supports spread and adoption, resulting in organisations feeling confident in using and recommending a robust and fit-for-purpose solution which will truly reduce costs and capacity whilst having a positive impact on the transformation of service delivery. 

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