Yorkshire & Humber Care Record Showcase Event 2019

In June 2018 the Yorkshire and Humber region was awarded one of five exemplar positions on the NHS Local Health Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE​) programme. The programme’s ambitious objective is to integrate health and care records across the region, with the aim of improving care by providing timely and relevant information to care professionals and citizens securely and safely.  

A showcase event was therefore announced to bring together 300 stakeholders to improve understanding and engagement across the region on the importance of Yorkshire & Humber Care Record.

Following a successful tender application and submitting our proposal to the YHCR programme team, we set up our first face-to-face meeting to discuss the brief, their goals and our proposal to meet their objectives.

The strategic objectives of the event were to ensure:

  • delegates walked away from the event understanding the importance of the work being undertaken within YHCR
  • they felt confident to ask their organisations/team to provide resources to further its development
  • they understood that YHCR is not the end product but the beginning of joining up data for patient care and the start of a journey to manage population health better.

In terms of event style, there was also an emphasis on making the event ‘slick’ through utilising technology whilst also ensuring it was as paper light as possible. 

Following this, it was agreed that Cynergy would support the YHCR programme team with full event management which would include:

  • development of high-level timeline and communications strategy
  • venue sourcing and liaison
  • event logistics and on-site management
  • managing event microsite and mobile app
  • delegate management
  • speaker source and management
  • design and production of all materials (digital and printed)


We understood that YHCR wanted to deliver an event that was digitally-focused, professional, interactive and engaging. Due to the very digital nature of the work delivered by YHCR, the event needed to represent this in a ‘live’ format and therefore needed to align in both the content, delivery and overall look and feel.

A thorough communication strategy was proposed by Cynergy which included sending out digitally designed invites, encouraging people to find out more about the event and to register their attendance. These invites would then lead people to a dedicated event website designed and set up as a space for people to book their place, find out about speakers and workshops, view the agenda and connect with other delegates before the event, during and after.

To bring to life an event that would effectively meet the needs and expectations of delegates, we first needed to understand what these were. When registering online, delegates were asked what they were most interested in hearing about (Population Health Management, Information Governance, Technical etc.), what they were hoping to get out of the day and what content they would like to see. From this, we were able to co-design a full day event programme alongside the YHCR team that would impact delegates beyond the day itself.

Once we understood what delegates wanted, we worked with the workstream leads to plan and design their workshop session activities. Following a consultation call with each, Cynergy were tasked with creating an Information Governance motion graphic, Cancer Pathway animations (Current issues & What we hope to achieve)  and resources, including a Population Health Management Spinner designed and created as both a motion graphic and physical spinner.

Cynergy also recommended an area within the hub whereby partners and suppliers could showcase their own innovations and progress throughout the refreshment and lunch breaks. This was in the format of both an exhibition space and Pop-Up Speaker stage. The latter was designed as an informal session, allowing speakers to present their current work and delegates could join the audience as they liked.

Coming back to the ‘live’ format of the event, Q&A and polling tool Slido was used to ask questions to the audience during the main plenary and workshop sessions, and encouraged the audience to put forward their own questions and ideas to speakers. This played a key role in allowing delegates to feel as though they were directing where the conversation went next and were getting what they wanted from the day in terms of knowledge and answers.

An event app was designed and set up alongside the website and was used on the day to send out push notifications to delegates, letting them know what was happening next and where they needed to be, and also gave them access to an interactive agenda which could be personalised to their own schedule (i.e. registered workshops and sessions they have marked as ‘Interested’) and allowed them to view session synopses and speaker profiles for more information.

The ultimate goal of the YHCR Showcase Event was to help people feel more informed about the work that the programme is undertaking and how they can get involved. Slido was used as an evaluation tool to establish how well-informed people felt at the beginning of the day compared to the end of it by presenting a poll to the audience.

When asking delegates how informed they felt about YHCR that morning, 51% claimed they felt ‘Not informed at all’ and had ‘Limited knowledge’. By the end of the day, this fell to just 16% and 83% felt ‘Informed’ to ‘Very informed’.

 After collating feedback from the evaluation forms, we found that most respondents rated the YHCR Showcase event as ‘Very good’ (52%) and ‘Excellent’ (30%). Of those who returned the evaluation forms, 66% wished to receive further communication and updates on the YHCR programme.

The Showcase Event was successful in its ambition to inform, generate interest and raise awareness of the work developed by the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record LHCRE programme. Delegates left the day feeling more informed, engaged and motivated to get their organisations involved in the journey to better health care.