Yorkshire & Humber AHSN Digital Annual Report

From printed document to digital platform - the development and design of a digital annual impact report.

Yorkshire and Humber AHSN (YHAHSN), like many organisations produce an annual impact report to share important information with their stakeholders. This year they decided that this document needed to be more dynamic and innovative, making it more accessible and interactive.

Annual reports are such a key document for any organisation and we wanted to create a solution for YHAHSN that was dynamic and represented their forward-thinking attitude. To meet this challenge, we developed their annual report document into an interactive online microsite platform. Digitalisation has dramatically changed the way people receive and read information and with this platform YHAHSN can widen their reach and broaden the variety of information that they share in their annual report.

Using the YHAHSN brand we developed a stylish and clean design, using their bold colour palette and photography thumbnails to make up the navigation menu tool. Given the range of stakeholders and the amount of content in the report, we created a design that would be easy to navigate and would break up the programmes into separate pages. Having an online digital platform for the annual report meant that the content of the document could be considerably more interactive, with the inclusion of media files, videos and links to other information online. We worked with YHAHSN to determine the content for each section of the report and supported them with filming and video editing of media resources to help increase the variety of assets on the site.

Once the microsite design had been approved, we set about building the platform. The site was created using Word Press with an integrated Content Management System (CMS) which enables YHAHSN to continuously update the content, keeping it current and relevant, unlike a printed document which can quickly go out of date. To keep the project as cost effective as possible we created design templates, making each page standardised across the microsite whist also making it simple for the YHAHSN team to update content in the future.

The platform enables YHAHSN’s stakeholders to instantly access and retrieve information in their own time, as well as giving hyperlinks to further information and content around the different programmes. This allows for a much more comprehensive document, along with driving the reader to other key documents/areas on the main YHAHSN website, encouraging further engagement.

The digital annual report will be launched to all YHAHSN stakeholders and can be shared digitally across all social media and online platforms, which will widen the reach and increase engagement levels. The online facility also offers more measurable analytics, tracking how many people access the site and which pages are most visited which will aid the YHAHSN’s future reporting. Now that this online platform has been created, YHAHSN will be able to update the content for next year’s report internally, demonstrating good ROI and creating upskilling and legacy for the team.

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