Our Journey Staff Engagement Roadshows

With the introduction of a new Chief Executive in a Mental Health Trust and the completion of their 100 day review, it was decided that there was a need to build upon the existing staff engagement strategy as one of their key priorities.

Results of the review had found that staff were expressing concern that there was a communication gap between the Board and senior management team with the rest of the staff across the Trust, which was also reflected in the results of the staff survey.

Without everybody ‘on the same page’, the ambitious and exciting new challenges set out by the new Chief Executive and the Five Year Forward View would not be realised. This was therefore a large scale engagement challenge across a complex and widespread geographical patch.

In order to start afresh and regain the trust and respect from staff, a series of engagement roadshows were designed to allow the Chief Executive to visit teams in their localities, listen to their concerns and kick start a ‘You Said, We Did’ campaign which allowed the Trust as a whole to co-create their values and their mission statement, gaining buy in from staff and making them feel valued as part of a whole team.

A campaign brand was developed to give the campaign a distinct identity and longevity and activities were designed to allow a high level of input from staff using various platforms such as mobile voting technology, on the spot feedback and follow up evaluations that prompted further thoughts post event.

Initial suggestions for a corporate brand was also developed, giving staff the opportunity to vote on, and give their opinions on how they would like to see their trust represented going forward.

 ‘I find our Journey events a really good way to recharge my batteries, focus on the future and network.’

Our Journey Delegate

The campaign involved a wide range of multi-platform solutions including:

  • Pre-planning and on-site delivery – each year inclusive of 13 roadshows across a 3 week period
  • Design of Values and Behaviours activities – allowing staff to co-create the mission and vision for the Trust
  • Motion graphics – telling the ‘Our Journey’ story
  • Bespoke Microsite – dedicated online platform to hold all information required
  • All event materials – inclusive of programmes, evaluation forms and activity sheets

We aimed to create a ‘done with’ rather than ‘done to’ feel when designing the roadshows, in order for the following year to be a ‘you said’, ‘we did’ campaign. And as a result of this, the roadshow campaign has ran for the previous 3 years, with plans in place for a 2017 roadshow.

Each year has shown a visible increase in staff awareness and a unity between staff and the senior management team, and at the most recent roadshow, staff even volunteered to be key speakers at the events and share their best practice across the Trust.

Keeping the momentum, and keeping messages fresh yet consistent each year has been key to this campaign, successfully inspiring the Trusts staff and narrowing the engagement gap.

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