NHS Leadership Recognition Awards Roadshow

A series of events for the regional Local Delivery Partners (LDPs) to celebrate the achievements of individuals and organisations within the NHS.

The NHS Leadership Academy sponsored a series of events to be delivered by their 10 Local Delivery Partners (LDPs) to recognise the achievements of individuals and organisations who are leading the way in delivering quality healthcare through world class leadership. As a newly established organisation, the NHS Leadership Academy needed a solution in which to run each of the events in a timely and cost effective manner.

The project included a full award nomination and judging process and the design and delivery of up to ten events, whilst maintaining a consistent brand and messaging across the project. As leading experts in creative engagement and full event management, Cynergy were commissioned by seven of these regions to deliver their events. Each LDP had their own agenda for their awards events ranging from a Summit with a low-key awards section in the afternoon to an Awards Dinner format. Although varying in format, each event had the same objectives; to raise the profile of leadership in their region, showcase best practice in the NHS and highlight key themes of recognising, valuing and celebrating leadership.

Acting as more than a delivery partner, Cynergy coached and developed the LDP teams to develop award criteria that was strategic, manage internal steering groups and to keep focussed on the future direction of each organisation and the linkage back to the national Academy and their offer.

With over 14 years’ experience of working in the public sector, Cynergy fully embraced the challenges facing the LDPs to be budget conscious, whilst still delivering an impactful and meaningful solution.

Cynergy took a seat on the Project Team made up of representatives from the national Academy and each of the LDPs, and played a key role in the planning and development of the project. Our in-house team also worked individually alongside each LDP to guide them through the planning, development and implementation of their own event.

For each event we managed Budget Trackers, developed Planning Summaries, and created strategic timelines of actions leading up to the event individualised to their specific requirements. In particular, our expertise was sought in shaping the programme to ensure that there were various opportunities to network and make connections for both the delegates and the LDPs, creating maximum ROI. As well as creating attractive sponsorship packages, informing the recruitment of delegates and designing an interactive, innovative awards ceremony, Cynergy’s role was key in ensuring that the event remained part of a bigger solution, creating opportunities for longevity and progression beyond the event itself.

We advised on database collection, created all marketing for the award nominations and invitations to the event, as well as designing and managing a microsite for each event which held important information around the programme, booking procedure, sponsorship opportunities and venue details.

To create a cost sensitive solution to showcase each region’s finalists, Cynergy liaised with all 189 finalists to collect data, images and footage to create 3 minute Prezi’s with music overlaid.

All seven events were delivered in the month of November 2013 which meant developing a robust strategy of delivery, including coordination of design, printing, staffing, delivery of goods, travel, and accommodation along with contingency plans for the whole month.

Cynergy support included:

  • Concept design and creation
  • Event branding, design and production of all materials
  • Event management
  • Financial management
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Videography and live streaming
  • Event logistics and on-site management
  • Project evaluations
  • AV/Sound
  • Delegate Management
  • Speaker management
  • Sponsorship/Exhibition management
  • Awards Finalists management
  • Prezi creation

Later feedback stated that amongst the most useful resources we created for the LDPs was a step-by-step guide to running an awards event with project timelines. As a result, over subsequent years in which we have supported the LDPs in their awards our support has become are becoming increasingly less involved in the design and delivery of these events, having passed on our skills and knowledge to the teams, building capacity which means that they can successfully design and manage the event internally.

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