Links to Work Campaign

We have worked closely with Working Links for many years, aiding them in offering people a sustainable future and helping them change their lives for the better through a range of innovative interventions and tailored services for employability, learning and skills and justice sectors.

Recently, Working Links were awarded the contract for a European Social Funded programme in a number of locations across England that aims to provide targeted employment support to specific groups including lone parents, ex-offenders and substance misusers. As this was a voluntary programme, Working Links had the challenge of recruiting customers which is very different to their usual marketing strategies.

Together we took on the challenge, working closely with the marketing team and the local engagement consultants within each of the areas to understand who our target audience was, what strategies would work to engage them and what materials we would need to do so in order to promote the ‘Links to Work’ programme.

Once a strategic marketing plan was in place, it was understood that a bespoke Links to Work website was needed to act as a central hub in which all other materials could direct customers to for more information. As each area had different eligibility criteria, the website was designed so that each area had their own landing page so customers could receive the information that was relevant for them. Integrated social media, case studies, online tools and registration forms were all included to create a ‘one stop shop’ of information.

With the entire Cynergy team being qualified practitioners in Neuro Linguistic Programming, we pride ourselves on being masters of language to engage and create change, so regardless of the audience type, our ability to understand the fundamental dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behaviour (programming) ensures we can create the most engaging and effective campaigns.

With this experience, we supplied a creative narrative that focused on reaching customers at an identity and a mission level, as customers will be unable to change their behaviour if they do not recognise how it contributes to their vision for their life. By using language based on choice, change and personal identity, customers will get a sense of ownership and see the programme as a way in which to change their life, not just their employment status.

This narrative was then rolled out on to all of the campaign materials to provide a clear and consistent message.

After consultation with the engagement consultants, each region focussed on a tailored strategy for their target audiences using a combination of different platforms. As a result, a wide variety of campaign materials needed to be designed and delivered to support this. Each material utilised the creative narrative and used the website to refer customers back to for more information. Materials included:

  • Bus Tickets
  • Post Office Advert (online and printed)
  • Online Radio Advert
  • Script for a 30 second Radio Advert
  • HTML Templates
  • Leaflets
  • Banners
  • Social Media Adverts
  • Business Cards
  • Appointment Cards

The Links to Work campaign is in the process of being rolled out across the country, immediate feedback has been positive and recruitment numbers for the programme have started to gain momentum.

Take a look at the Links to Work website at 

If you need help with creative campaign solutions or producing an engagement strategy then please contact the Cynergy team at or 01642 713211.

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