Leadership Live

An immersive two day team leadership development experience to tackle a future focused leadership challenge.

In recent years, the key role of leadership has been rightly focused upon in the NHS, and the NHS Leadership Academy has invested in an evidence- based research project to identify the nine dimensions of leadership and create their ‘Healthcare Leadership Model’. This model emphasises the need within the NHS to identify individuals who are providing good leadership, nurture their development and support them to share good practices, and has been shared nationally.

Leadership Live creates an exciting and innovative personal leadership development experience, which offers groups of colleagues the opportunity to come together and collaborate on a future-focused leadership challenge, to develop these nine dimensions of leadership. Following the resounding response to the first Leadership Live event we helped create for the NHS South West Leadership Academy, we were asked to work with them again this year, building on this success and further developing this opportunity for their staff.

With this brief in mind, we set about creating a strategic plan and timeline to ensure the programme would be delivered on time and in the most impactful way possible.

The content of the programme was deliberately kept from all delegates, to ensure all entered the session ready to tackle to challenge with the same level of understanding. The task created for them was designed to give real-life problems and situations that would stretch the teams, ask them to think on their feet and to work together over an intense, time-specific period.

To help facilitate this programme, we recruited key leader representatives within the NHS to make up the expert panel. Each panel member brought their own leadership journey and a breadth of experience which was made available to support all groups during the first day. A theatre group was also employed to set the scene for the challenge ahead, and provide some creative insight into what the teams needed to be thinking about prior to receiving the task content.

"Thank you for making the last 2 days such a success! Much like the participants, I think it will take a few days to sink in but what I am sure about is how hard you all worked to create such a wonderful environment." 

Christina Quinn, Director, NHS South West Leadership Academy

Cynergy fully managed on-site delivery for this programme, devising all operational elements, creating event materials, managing audio visual requirements and videography, ensuring the programme ran smoothly. The delegate experience needed to run smoothly as well as being as fulfilling and impactful as possible, with each stage of the programme carefully planned to make all interactions and sessions streamlined and relevant. Following feedback from the first event, care was taken to maximise networking opportunities during the day for delegates, with the programme being held on a residential basis to extend the social element after the formal activities.

Delegate and team packs were created to provide support and aid teams through the programme, with additional learning and resources made available, through careful planning and research.

The entire programme was recorded by independent evaluators, who experienced all elements of the learning, along with independent observers. They were able to take this important evidence to create an analytical report, demonstrating ROI and impact as well as team development to share across the South West region.

The entire programme was filmed, which enabled us to help create a post-event video montage, outlining the development journey of all participants, evidenced by testimonials from delegates, observers and panel members.

The programme has again been a significant success and provided tangible benefits for participants.

As well as creating development opportunities for the delegates and teams, it was also important for NHS South West Leadership Academy to use this event to gather important information about their region. Through evaluation and analysis, the programme helped identify both capabilities and skills gaps, as well as gaining new insights into the leadership requirements for the future health care systems. This challenge gave delegates the opportunity to develop the nine leadership dimensions, to better identify their good practice as a team, and to highlight areas needing improvement or change.

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