The Health Foundation

Strategic content design and delivery for three pioneering two-day live co-production events as part of a groundbreaking initiative to connect people with improvement expertise across the UK.

Following a recommendation of the widely respected 2013 Berwick Report ‘A promise to learn, a commitment to act’, on patient safety issues in the NHS, as experts on co-creation, Cynergy were appointed to sit on the Project Team for the Health Foundation’s response to the report, and have played a key role in the design and delivery of a new pioneering programme with the initial aim to ultimately recruit 5000 ‘Patient Safety Fellows’ for the new ‘Q Initiative’.

We became an intrinsic part the Q Project Team, with the vital task of design, management and delivery of a programme culminating in three experiential co-production two-day live events, enabling and empowering the founding cohort of Fellows, key influencers and leading experts to come together and co-create the founding principles of ‘Q’.

‘Q’ is all about developing a community of quality improvement experts, so our co-production and engagement expertise were vital in creating two-way dialogue, listening and understanding, and exploring what Q could be - and ensuring that the founding cohort of 231 Fellows co-created and felt ownership of their new community. 

As the Report’s author subsequently stated about ‘Q’;

“If this succeeds, the NHS in the UK will be leading the world in creating, at national scale, system-wide capacities for improvement. This is an appropriate, indeed thrilling, next step for an NHS that already has a heritage of sound investments and a proven track record in quality improvement.”

Professor Don Berwick, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

We worked quickly to gain the vital insight and understanding of all aspects of the Q Initiative which would be essential in providing the client with the solutions needed to achieve its objectives. 

Our engagement solutions sought to establish and test all aspects of the Q Initiative with members of the founding cohort in an experiential environment. We therefore co-created an engagement programme to ensure open and inclusive two-way dialogue was available throughout the design events, whether face-to-face or online, and included data synthesis to allow feedback to be taken and acted upon, to ensure each successive live event genuinely reflected the learning gained so far as part of the fundamental co-design approach required.

The events took place in Birmingham, Glasgow and London, on a residential basis, and Cynergy were responsible for the end-to-end delegate experience, from pre-event to the key feedback which created the founding principles of ‘Q’.

The nature of the Q Initiative meant that we needed to provide design events which were multi-faceted in order to suit all learning and communication styles. Cynergy’s in-house Design Studio created and developed tools to disseminate the context of the ‘Q’, ensuring accessibility and utilising various ways to communicate key messaging, including animation.

We also utilised interactive technology to ensure everyone's voice was heard, and provided interactive learning marketplaces which served to both inform and to collect vital delegate feedback and data.

A key element of the design process was quickly synthesising and reporting on data collected at the first of the three events, in order  to refine the initiative and inform the second event, and then again for the third event. This was achieved by the use of a combination of online and offline methodology.

The Q Initiative has gained a great deal of interest and praise nationally and internationally, and Cynergy has supported the key storytelling by creating animations and video summaries of the co-design process, for dissemination across the networks, and to be featured at international events.

We have also developed tools which have enabled the community to grow and interact beyond the events itself, such as an interactive map which will be added to as future members are recruited into the community.

As a result of these first design events, Cynergy’s successful relationship with the Q Initiative and the Health Foundation continues, and we are proud to be playing a part in this groundbreaking Quality Improvement programme to increase patient safety.

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