Health Education Thames Valley - Interactive Map

We have been working closely with Health Education Thames Valley over the last year to develop a solution for helping people to understand the everchanging and complex geographical boundaries within their region, with a particular focus on understanding the emerging Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP) and Community Education Provider Network (CEPN or Training Hubs) footprints as a part of their overall engagement strategy.

Challenges for staff across the sector in Thames Valley (and generally across the whole of England) included understanding the complicated links between organisations and networks, for example we have found that a CEPN might be closely linked with several CCGs, a GP Federation and single GP practices across a region that may include two or more HEE local offices, as well as being set across two STP footprints.

After our initial discovery phase we decided the solution was that users (that is, colleagues in health and social care, voluntary and independent sectors) needed an easily accessible, online tool in which they could see the geography of their region and its boundaries, as well as understanding which organisations fell under which remit and a way in which to contact them.

As a result, a highly visual interactive map was designed to meet those needs for the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West STP patch. The current map, which can be found here (soon to sit on the HEE website), provides a geographical outline that acts as a signpost to the different networks, transformation projects and NHS bodies within the area, including CEPNs, CCGs, AHSNs and STPs. Each of these networks/organisations have a signpost to their physical location as well as providing general contact details and a link off to their relevant website for more information. Once this had been designed, built and tested by users, the map was then developed further to include the Frimley STP patch and its relevant organisations and networks.

It was also important to the HEE TV team that the map had flexiblity and could be easily amended in order to keep up with the evolving landscape of the NHS. We therefore created the map with a Content Manangement System (CMS), along with a user guide that allows the team to efficiently add, change or remove organisations as and when these changes occur.

Upon further development discussions with the national HEE Digital office, it was uncovered that this is a widespread problem across the majority of local Health Education patches. Many areas are finding that their staff are also struggling to understand their region, who is involved within it and where they should go to find the correct information. Now that a prototype has been tried and tested and showing great results for the Thames Valley team, other regions have the opportunity to expand this to within their patch and provide even more staff with the same solution.

If you are interested in integrating this tool within your engagement strategy then please contact the Cynergy team at or 01642 713211.

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