DigitalHealth.London Website Refresh

Back in 2017, Cynergy were asked to support DigitalHealth.London with a refresh of their existing website to help make it more user-friendly, on a small and fixed budget. With the brief in mind, we embarked on a user testing project to understand how stakeholders were currently using the site, why, and what its strengths and weaknesses were to enable us to get a clearer understanding of what needed to be improved.

The results showed that users were lost and distracted in the sheer volume and amount of content that was sitting on the site and were struggling to locate the information relevant to them, which was resulting in a high bounce rate. As a result of our findings and in order to maximise the budget to get the best value for the client, Cynergy:

  • Reworked and reduced the top-level navigation to condense it down and make the headings much simpler to understand and absorb
  • Added subsections of content into each page, using a sub-menu navigation to help users to filter down the information into easier to understand sections  
  • Cleaned up the homepage, reducing the volume of content and also amount of moving imagery and sliders which featured, and was distracting and overwhelming to the users
  • Simplified the design across the site, creating a consistent look and feel (previously each page had a different design) to help users familiarise themselves with the site quickly and therefore understand how to access the content
  • Created a bespoke user journey pathway to help users identify who they were and their motivations for being on the site, and to help tailor the content results to them so they could get to the information relevant to them much quicker and more efficiently
  • Introduced iconography to help to reduce content and make it more visual to help the user to process the information
  • Broke down the news and events content into separate sections, creating themes and icons for the content here to break it down for the user to filter much more easily
  • Integrated an automated newsletter function to distribute updates to stakeholders, supporting internal capacity.

The site had already been established for a few years before Cynergy came to undertake this piece of work, therefore the build and development process itself was slightly more complex than other sites as we had to work with the existing code that had already been implemented. In addition to this, the client had implemented another function called Divi Builder, a tool which supports the development of pages without being a professional web developer to enable them to add additional features to the site. This meant that our Developer had to navigate around all of these existing features and integrate the changes above, whilst cleaning up the back end and updating the many plugins that had been utilised to ensure that the newly refreshed site was fully secure (it wasn’t previously) and worked seamlessly with the existing development that had been undertaken.

All of the above was delivered in a small timescale of six weeks as set by the client. Following the redevelopment, we ran a second user test to check that the work that had been implemented had improved the site.

The results were positive and showed that after the first month, there was a 9% increase in users to the site, 13.37% increase in sessions, 5% reduction in the overall bounce rate and a 10.55% increase in page views.

You can view the website at: