Bringing organisational values to life with Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing

In October 2018, Metropolitan and Thames Valley Housing associations completed their partnership to form Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH). Together the group own, manage and administer over 57,000 homes in London, South East, East Midlands and East of England, providing housing at different levels of affordability.

The partnership was a natural movement as each are propelled by a motivation to better serve their existing residents, build more new homes and stronger communities, and to achieve greater organisational resilience.

Ultimately, at the heart of this collaboration, is people – and one of the first steps started with their own.

In order to unite and strengthen teams that were coming together from different organisations, MTVH have decided to refresh their internal values so that colleagues are working together based on a shared set of principles: to Dare, Care and Collaborate.

To cultivate engagement and embed these values, a range of materials and promotional content are set to be produced and circulated internally. One of the first steps taken was to bring together key Executive members to capture their thoughts on what ‘Dare, Care and Collaborate’ means to them.

Cynergy worked with the MTVH communications team to fully understand the brief, what the expected output was and how we could effectively encapsulate the key messages through our videography offering, really bringing those stories to life.

The questions were framed to provide context to the core values through human stories of how individuals and teams have demonstrated and lived Dare, Care and Collaborate in both their work and personal lives. This helped focus on the key message that these values can be seen within people of the organisation already, indicating that they have essentially chosen these values for themselves. This allows people to take ownership and so increases the chance that they will commit to bringing these values to life.

Moreover, we live and lead by example, so the focus on leaders within this initial step was significant. From the Chief Executive of Property to the Chief Executive of People, each resonates with different workstreams across the organisation and these leaders have the incredible ability to positively influence their employees. Through these interviews, the leadership team were able to articulate the values in a way that was engaging, authentic and passionate and made clear how Dare, Care and Collaborate are manifested through their own actions and behaviours.

Embedding organisational values will likely take time to have a real impact on the culture of the organisation and so it is important for MTVH to keep up the momentum and make sure these principles of behaviour stick by encouraging them to be ‘lived’ through their people.

We look forward to seeing the upcoming materials from MTVH as they further embed Dare, Care and Collaborate into their organisational culture!

Watch MTVH bring their values to life: