A staff culture, behavioural change and creative design experience, helping to strengthen company values re-aligning their brand and refining internal and external communications to make their values more visible and apparent across the business.

Acis Group is a provider of affordable housing and student accommodation, providing over 5,500 affordable homes. They were faced with the complex challenge of establishing a values-based internal culture, as part of a larger ongoing transformational piece to launch Acis into a more innovative, digital and forward-thinking place to work for both its staff and their customers.

To solve this challenging problem we drew upon our extensive staff culture, behavioural change and creative design experience to help strengthen their company values - re-aligning their brand and refining their internal and external communications to make their values more visible and apparent across the business. We created a future-focused strategy to bring together all Acis staff and business entities under one overarching culture with which they could all identify, live out through their behaviours, and ultimately take ownership of, whilst still embodying ‘The Acis Way’.

Acis are a geographically widespread organisation which provided us with a complex engagement challenge. We had to find creative solutions that would work across a variety of different roles and locations, which included a new business entity, as well as engaging service-users through the materials and online platforms.  Part of this strategy required us to give this new business entity its own brand identity making it a strong, stand-alone company whilst still a clear part of the Acis family. 

We initially worked with Acis to help define their main brand, both customer-facing and for their internal communications framework, which helped us understand the background and future direction that Acis wish to pursue. Having gained this insight, we were able to maximise this knowledge to create an engaging solution, which provided value-led concepts for all areas of Acis and their processes. One of the procedures which needed re-visualising was their induction process, which needed a re-fresh, making it a structured activity for all new staff, ensuring that they receive a consistent and effective induction into Acis, centred heavily around their values.

Once we had established our strategy, we drew inspiration from the valued customer and staff feedback and created sub-brand concepts and creative ideas to refresh the internal and external systems throughout the organisation. We recognised the valued role all staff perform for both service users and the organisation, and to maximise this we created an identity that uses photography of their own staff across the internal communications brand. 

Cynergy’s creative in-house designers worked to bring ‘The Acis Way’ to life, cultivating a bespoke language framework which would ensure all parts of the business lived and breathed the Acis values. Using our NLP experience, we were able to spend time developing the language used in the different streams of communications, ensure the messaging and content would reflect its purpose and relate to its end-user. This helped Acis staff better understand their offers and enabled them to talk this through more effectively with their customers. 

Through this re-fresh we re-visualised their internal communications, reimagined the physical internal office environment and developed a number of sub-brand concepts to bring the processes to life and give them a strong identity, including ‘Prime’ which is their new repairs and maintenance business entity. With Prime, it was especially vital to ensure that the induction and staff engagement processes encompassed the values and behaviours of Acis throughout, making Prime staff members feel part of the Acis family and give them the ownership to take on these values and make the behavioural change needed.

Our work with Acis continues to evolve, and we are currently developing the next stage of this bigger picture, transformational project, which will drive the key messages and help embed the culture for the internal staff, new entities and how this relates to its customers on a behavioural level. We will work to give this piece real momentum, driving support from all new and current staff with the clear aim of having the organisation feeling confident about its messaging and culture through the ‘values-driven’ interventions and impactful solutions, as well as reaching their long-term goal to be a more digital-led and innovative organisation.


Acis Way photography by Patrick Stubbs, Natural Expressions photography

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