Five Days of Giving

December 2019

At Cynergy we only collaborate with organisations who seek to improve lives and change society for the better – so that is our Christmas mission. This year we have decided to support local and national causes on behalf of everyone we have worked with in 2019. So, in honour of the holidays approaching and our amazing clients, we're so excited to kick off the Cynergy #5DaysofGiving.


Day 1 – Donation to Cash for Kids

For many children, the festive season is a fun-filled period - but unfortunately that’s not the case for all.

One in three children are living in poverty in the UK and government figures revealed earlier this year that children living in absolute poverty has risen by 200,000 in a year to 3.7 million. In our own local community, we were shocked to discover that there are more than 15,000 children up to the age of 15 who are in the top 10% of the country when it comes to income deprivation.

Cash for Kids’ ‘Mission Christmas’ is all about giving gifts to children living in poverty up to the age of 18 and making their Christmas morning extra special. With cash raised locally and spent locally, Cash for Kids is focused on alleviating disability and improving quality of life through Mission Christmas.

We know that our clients dedicate their lives to helping local people get the support and care that they need – so that is what we’re going to do too. This year, we have donated £125 to Mission Christmas! This money will go towards buying and delivering presents to disadvantaged children.

It’s not too late to get involved yourself – find your nearest Cash for Kids and donate now!


Day 2 - Foodback Donation

The latest Trussell Trust end of year stats revealed that in the financial year 2018-2019, 1.6 million three-day emergency food supplies were given to people in crisis. More than half a million of these went to children.  This is a 19% increase on the previous year and in the last five years, food bank use has increased by 73%.

We live in a time where nobody should be left hungry. By donating to a foodbank, we can do our bit to ensure that emergency food is available for people and families who are locked into poverty.

After a little research into what our local foodbank was in urgent need of, every member of the Cynergy team brought in a variety of tinned goods (potatoes, meat, vegetarian meals, fruit, custard, fish), long-life milk and bottles of squash that we will be donating to Middlesbrough Foodbank.

Find your nearest food bank here!


Day 3 - Clothing Donation

Today the Cynergy team are donating their wardrobes!

This week we are donating our clothing to the Methodist Asylum Project (MAP) in Middlesbrough. MAP welcomes and supports asylum-seekers and refugees within the area, empowering them to develop their own lives and integrate into the local community. This way, we know our clothing donation will go directly to those who need it most. And we’re also being more sustainable! An estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothing are thrown away by UK households every year – that is a lot of landfill space and a lot of greenhouse gases.


Day 4 - Donation to Shelter

Research by Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, estimates that there are at least 280,000 people homeless in Great Britain. That is 320,000 people without a home over the festive period. But their findings are just the tip of the iceberg as the true level of homelessness is difficult to determine.

On our fourth day of giving we are donating to Shelter, the charity who work to defend people’s right to a safe home and are campaigning to end homelessness. The charity aims to stand up for private renters, campaigns to build more social housing, and supports those who are struggling to manage their housing.

To support Shelter’s movement for change, we’re donating £125 which can help pay for legal advice that could help a family keep their home.


Day 5 - Animal Shelter Donation

This week has been inspiring for our team and we can’t thank our clients enough for this year!

Our #5DaysofGiving has supported people and children in need, but what about our furry friends?

Non-profit organisations like local animal shelters are not supported by the government. Instead, animal shelters must rely on private donations from individuals to keep the place running and the pets fed. In November alone, 1,863 UK animals were taken into shelters.

Today, we our donating to the local animal shelter to support their ongoing work with our furry friends.

Want to get involved? We have come up with a few top tips to increase recycling, support a local shelter and keep animals in need happy this year!

  • Old toilet rolls can make great toys for small animals such as hamsters and mice.  Donate yours and create great safe hiding places to make their environment more interesting.
  • Newspapers are used in the bottoms of cages. They get soiled quickly, so they’re in constant demand.
  • Have you got old balls of wool lying around that you were thinking about throwing away? Pom poms are great for cats to keep them entertained.
  • Don’t throw your old sheets, towels and blankets away! Rehoming centres can use them for bedding or to make toys for the animals.
  • Donate your old leash to your local shelter - dogs who are taken out on walks need a leash and collar or harness.