#NHS70 – What it means to us…

July 2018

The National Health Service has just turned 70, so what better opportunity than this to give our thanks to the nation’s most loved institution! Not only does the NHS have an enormous impact on our day to day lives here at Cynergy where we work hard to support them through creative engagement solutions, but also to our personal lives outside of the workplace. Like everyone else in the country, the NHS has affected each our team in many different ways, from maternity services and general practice, right through to cancer research and end of life care. We have friends and family members in service, loved ones in care and we sleep soundly at night knowing that the extraordinary NHS staff are there for us at our greatest time of need.

So today we wanted to personally take this opportunity to raise a cuppa (and a slice of cake!) and say thank you to the everyday heroes who keep the NHS alive. We support you, we value you, and most of all, we are eternally grateful for all that you do.

Happy 70th Birthday

Love, Cynergy