We aren’t the only ones celebrating…

May 2017

We would like to say congratulations to NHS North West Leadership Academy in their 10th anniversary year. Cynergy have a long-standing relationship with NWLA and are pleased to be supporting them with their anniversary campaign. As we were planning our birthday campaign, we got to thinking about just how important it is to mark key milestones and capture and share an organisation’s history.

Cynergy, just like many of our clients, have gone through many changes in our 15 years and have had to be flexible in the times of adversity. In the ever-changing landscape and challenges, we all face, these celebrations help boost morale and refuel the team for the future hurdles. Taking time to celebrate these moments can be critical to long-term success and staff motivation, giving you the opportunity for positive communication with your team and celebrate what makes your company unique, together.

Allowing employees share in an organisation history helps bind them together and strengthen the identity of a company and encourages them to part of this collective identity. Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs diagram describes this as a sense of ‘belonging’,  when employees feel part of something bigger and are therefore more engaged in the future and success of the company.

Through the culture and organisational transformation projects we have supported clients with, we understand the importance of creating a strong internal culture, and the benefits this can have for both individuals and the company as a whole. A recent study by the University of Warwick found that happy employees are 12 percent more productive than unhappy ones, therefore positively marking each milestone helps create a greater sense of belonging and subsequently, a higher level of employee retention.

This, perhaps, rather indulgent journey of delving back into the #CynergyStory produced many happy memories, allowing us to reflect on everything we had achieved as an organisation, along with the clients and contacts we have welcomed on the way. With this new perspective on our achievements we all felt a new sense of motivation looking forward to the next 15 years and all the possibilities that can be accomplished by then!

If your organisation has a special milestone coming up and you would like some support in creating a campaign to really mark this effectively we’d love to help!

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