All on the same page

September 2016

We want to share with you our thinking, we want to help you engage, we want to help you make a difference – this is where we started as a company which was now nearly 15 years ago. Since then like the clients and the sectors we have worked in and served we have seen huge change, we have seen governments come and go, policies change, organisations start and stop but what is constant is the need for progress and the change that comes with that hand in hand

We have grown like you and our understanding and scope has grown in partnership with you, central to everything has always been behaviour, it’s always been about people.  

As Henry Mintzberg said “It is about helping release the positive energy that exists naturally within people”.  As the pressures of change and transformation for our clients continue, the need to change has never been more present for them. Our commitment to help and to continue to be a trusted partner meant that we felt the need to reinterpret our own brand so it aligns to our brand promise to our clients – to be a company who horizon scans, questions and then designs and creates solutions which engage and motivate people which in turn deliver impact.

Our rebranding process led us to the concept of origami. It resonated with us as a company as we felt it was a perfect analogy to depict our work. Origami (oru meaning "to fold", and kami meaning "paper”) is an ancient Japanese technique of transforming a flat square sheet of paper into an intricate finished sculpture through specialist folding techniques. 

Regardless of the challenge or sector, it is our philosophy that it is only when you get people on the same page that transformation can truly happen, once there, truly innovative and intelligent solutions can be created, using the simplest of materials. 

All organisations have strategies, both internal and external (5 Year Forward View, Transforming the Criminal Justice System, World Class Education and Care) however, to most, especially citizens, these are just words on a page. 

The best way to achieve outcomes and avoid being one of the 70% of all change initiatives which fail (Ken Blanchard, Mastering the Art of Change) is to bring them to life, involve people and communicate with them - giving them a voice in owning the solution, which will change behaviours and lead to the right outcome, a carefully folded and crafted piece of art as opposed to a crumpled piece of paper in the bin. 

Our unique SCAN approach aligns to our messaging, which sees us tackle every one of our clients’ needs from a big picture and future focussed position. Since we were established, we have always believed in the power of engaging people, of motivating and empowering them to enable transformation and by following this process and strategically addressing each of the four aspects, we are able to deliver intelligent, engaging and robust solutions. 

Within our brand development we wanted to visually show each stage of this process, representing how, with one single piece of paper, we can continuously keep producing unique and bespoke solutions for our clients, which is where the concept of the owl, lotus flower, aeroplane and windmill was born. 

For stimulate we chose an owl. Native Americans once associated the meaning of owl with wisdom, foresight, and keeper of sacred knowledge. We probe, challenge and question what the future looks like and what challenges are facing us, so we can inform a unique solution using our ‘owl’ qualities.

We felt Lotus flowers represented cultivate as they are very complex and have many layers, which combined is a thing of beauty. We nurture our people like we would a flower, cultivating, interpreting and analysing to create an engaging, intelligent and impactful solution to meet a well-formed need.

When considering an icon for activate it was an aeroplane which aligned as it symbolises travel, speed, opportunity and new destinations. Once we have established and designed a solution, we create, develop and deliver it with people, bringing them on board, right from take-off to landing, ensuring that they are part of the journey. 

Windmills turn a natural resource into energy to sustain populations which is why we chose this for narrate. We create momentum to engage, communicate and motivate people, delivering vision and inspiring them through evaluation, impact and assessment to show them what we can achieve together. 

Paper is a metaphor for landscape, system, organisation or team. The folds that create the solution just like in origami become seamless and creative. Creativity, innovation and progress are what our brand partnership with clients is all about. We look forward to the future and the changes that we will co create and co-produce together ...... because transformation can happen when we are all on one page.