Strategic thinkers

With over 15 years' experience, working nationally across our sectors including a range of successful secondments into the NHS, Cynergy have a deep and thorough understanding of the landscape in which our clients operate, and the challenges they face. Our award-winning specialist team are all fully qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioners, and as behaviour specialists we have a reputation for developing intelligent, strategic and creative solutions which deliver impact, which motivate people and systems to change.

Strong values

We use a blended approach of behaviour change, language and strategic engagement techniques to shift and challenge mind-sets in order to create, design and embed innovative transformative solutions in healthcare, housing, justice, education and employability. Our values are deeply held and we only work on projects which can improve lives or change society for the better.

Our skillset

Strategic thinking and communications strategy

Engagement campaigns and consultancy

Culture, values and behaviours work to empower staff and drive performance

Leadership and Change programmes

You Design - citizen engagement, putting people at the heart of the design process

Internal communications which stimulate ownership and pride

Brand identity, design and development

Narrative creation, language and positioning to connect your stakeholders

UX/UI Website and App design and development

Digital engagement solutions bringing messages to life including motion graphics, animation and film

Strategic content design for events

Adoption and spread of best practice online and offline

Shareholder engagement which creates a sense of community and purpose

Live event design and delivery to ensure impact such as roadshows, hackathons, awards, expos

Bespoke activity design and facilitation

Social media management and digital footprint

We offer specialist coaching in resilience, mindset, performance and authenticity through our sister company Shiny Mind.

About Rebecca

Having founded Cynergy 14 years ago, Rebecca is dedicated to helping organisations make a positive contribution to society by changing people’s lives, and has made it a key ethos of Cynergy. With that, Rebecca supports each and every member of the team to deliver high quality, creative and strategic support to all of our clients.      

As a neuro-linguistic psychotherapist, Rebecca is able to work with individuals and organisations to help them change by exploring and eradicating any limiting beliefs they may hold which are preventing their progress, so that they can grow and achieve more.  

Rebecca’s strong values and specialist skillset has naturally led her towards work which helps to empower citizens, enhancing their ability and willingness to express their voice in order to transform services.  

This has led to the development of Cynergy’s very own user-centred design approach ‘You Design’, which puts people at the heart of solving challenges which face our society, ensuring that the solution addresses a well-formed need and truly meets the needs of the end user.

To chat to Rebecca about how to transform your service delivery, you can reach her using the links below.

About Fiona

Fiona has worked at Cynergy for over eight years and during this time has become immersed in the world of leadership having undertaken a secondment for the NHS North West Leadership Academy for over two years within this time.

With a passion and talent for developing leaders who will inspire, motivate and empower others to lead a better brighter future, Fiona has previously been involved in creating bespoke and innovative leadership development interventions, developing key strategic member and engagement campaigns as well as dynamic and interactive digital platforms (website and apps) to achieve this.

Fiona has a very future focussed and big picture approach to the work she delivers and uses this to prompt, challenge and probe her clients to understand what this means for them, what the opportunities could be and how to get there, ensuring they are at the forefront of what they do.

Currently Fiona is busy working with a number of organisations on solutions which will support leaders with implementing the emerging Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) agenda. To find out more about this, click here.
If you think Fiona can support you in any leadership projects you may be working on, get in touch.

About Natalie

Natalie joined the team in 2009 and has undertaken managerial roles right across Cynergy, giving her a 360 degree skillset from key projects and operational delivery through to NHS secondments and strategic direction. Working across health, employability and welfare, social housing and justice, Natalie believes recurring elements in all her work are the need for innovation and the courage to try new ways of working. 

Natalie’s skillset in stimulating, and identifying, innovation has included the development of staff engagement initiatives and change programmes designed to create organisational culture conducive to successful innovation, as well as digital solutions such as online platforms and apps to share best practice and stimulate cross-sector working. 

Natalie believes there is a ‘great idea’ in everyone and, using her qualifications in Motivational Behaviour and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), she’s passionate about getting to the heart of an organisation’s need for change, creating a culture where those with ‘great ideas’ are encouraged to speak out - the process of translating ideas into products/services creates real lasting value for an organisation. 

Natalie is currently working with Commercial & Wealth Creation teams in various NHS Academic Health Science Networks to devise programmes and products to complement their Innovation Pathway. These includes the design and development of an online platform to accelerate the spread and adoption of ideas across the health system, and ‘Hackathons’ – de-constructing the challenges organisations face and rebuilding them in a way which is solution-focused and informed by all those involved.

If you think a new way of working is needed to overcome your current challenges, get in touch with Natalie.

About Nicky

Nicky was a welcome addition to the Cynergy team in 2008, initially heading up the expanding live events arm of the business. She quickly immersed herself in helping our clients overcome their challenges by leading our team in providing creative event solutions which generate real impact and sustainable long-lasting change.  

Her track record in leading projects to create and deliver business support workshops to SMEs, to celebrate NHS leaders in regional award events, to expos and OD programmes, and in creating programmes to bring together the health sector, academia and industry, illustrates how Nicky can quickly grasp what a client wants to achieve and how best to provide an effective solution.

When combined with her knowledge of behavioural change and personal growth techniques as a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Nicky’s experience can help provide a unique insight to our clients when developing their engagement and communications strategy. She is particularly adept in developing, leading and facilitating bespoke workshops and programmes – whether intimate stakeholder analysis to discovery session workshops, or delivering delegate participation activity to a large scale, Nicky is always confident of achieving the desired outputs by her flexible, agile management approach.

Nicky is currently closely involved with the Health Foundation’s pioneering ‘Q Initiative’ on patient safety. She sits on the ‘Q Project Team’ and leads Cynergy’s key role in the design and delivery of their nationwide community events, which are an essential component in connecting people with improvement expertise across the UK. To find out more about this, click here. (to Case Study) 

If Nicky can support you on any projects you may be working on, please get in touch.

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About Jayne

Jayne joined us over ten years ago and during a varied career at Cynergy, including a secondment into the NHS, she has become a highly skilled and creative project lead, able to provide unique solutions whatever the challenge, but with particular expertise in internal culture, values & behaviour change.

With a passion for bringing a transformation process to life in a way that is ‘done with’ clients rather than ‘done to’, Jayne combines her wide range of skills and big-picture thinking to ensure that organisations are supported by a culture that enables their strategy, and helps achieve their desired outcomes.

This has seen her lead on creative and innovative campaigns which have included the management of various communications channels as anchor points, from digital engagement through to events, print media, and even large scale artwork – Jayne knows the benefit of creating ownership and a causal narrative of change.

Jayne’s clients describe her as energised and agile in her approach, and often comment on how much she feels a part of their team.

Currently Jayne is busy using her strategic and facilitation experience, working with a number of organisations on transformational programmes, ranging from hospital Trusts (click here) to housing associations, whilst indulging her passion for engaging design by overseeing branding projects undertaken by our design studio.

If you think Jayne can support you in your current work please get in touch.

About Naomi

Naomi joined Cynergy nearly four years ago, and brings strategic engagement and live event expertise to the team, as well as vibrant creativity. During this time she has developed her passion for creative solutions and excelled in managing new ways to engage audiences, including those considered hard-to-reach.

As a ‘Gen Y-er’ herself, Naomi has a particular specialism in the unprecedented generational differences now found in today’s workplace, and has worked to create strategic development programmes to help clients achieve key engagement and understanding of younger generations. This expertise also means she is passionate about ensuring we are always ahead of the game when it comes to our digital tools, and clients often call on her knowledge of the subject to apply to marketing and sales, training and education, team dynamics, leadership and management, and to recruitment and retention of staff.

Along with most of her colleagues, Naomi is a qualified Practitioner in NLP which gives invaluable insight and expertise to shape and devise the best communications and solutions for her clients.

The scope of projects on which Naomi has worked means she is adept at working on a wide range of issues, and can help clients achieve long-lasting solutions, whatever the challenge.

Naomi is currently working on an internal transformational project for the housing association The Acis Group along with developing a community-led, strategic engagement campaign to help tackle childhood obesity for Public Health England.

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About Sam

Sam has worked at Cynergy for over four years and during this time has worked on a wide variety of projects including a two year secondment within the NHS. Such opportunities have given her a unique insight into different ways of working, strategic planning, and the broader health sector landscape, and a genuine understanding of effective solutions which align with the realities of the public sector.

Being part of Generation Y herself, Sam has a passion for all things digital and uses her specialist skills to support organisations in embracing interactive digital solutions alongside the power of social media - not just with an external focus in promoting the organisation and its marketing campaign, but also to connect internal functions, encourage the sharing of ideas, and give employees a voice.

With the ability to see both the bigger picture and the details, Sam ensures that each project gets a solution which fits the needs of the client and their customers, maximising ROI potential. She thrives on a challenge and enjoys working with a variety of clients, ranging from various NHS organisations, Working Links (on training, employability and justice sector) to the charity Nottingham Women’s Centre.

An experienced and engaging facilitator, and qualified Practitioner in NLP, Sam is currently busy working with a number of different clients on staff engagement and their internal communications, to help further align organisations to their values and beliefs, including an extensive staff engagement roadshow programme with Devon Partnership NHS Trust.

If you think Sam can support you in your current work, get in touch.

About Jon

Jon joined Cynergy eleven years ago after holding senior and board levels posts in both the public sector and private practice, and as an English graduate, uses his ability with language to ensure that that key messages are conveyed in all our written client and internal communications, whatever channels are used.

During his time at Cynergy, Jon’s talent for creative and impactful language has been used on many communications campaigns and engagement strategies for clients including Universities, Working Links, housing associations and a wide range of NHS and other healthcare organisations. 

He has an ability to quickly grasp the key elements of the desired outcomes, whether online or offline, and is able to provide words which engage and motivate, as well as being pitched at the appropriate audience. Jon believes in the persuasive power of language to persuade and empower, and also uses this to help clients in providing copywriting and editing services for key documents such as annual reports, toolkits and manuals.  

Jon works with the Senior Team on identifying new opportunities in terms of suitable supplier frameworks and tenders where Cynergy believe our unique approach can add real value to an organisation. Jon also has a degree in law, English, and he handles IP and operational issues at Cynergy

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About Sally

Sally has been at Cynergy for fourteen years and during this time has worked in various areas and sectors of the business helping her become a linchpin of the organisation, ensuring the office runs smoothly, both internally for staff and externally for clients. As business manager, she strategically identifies opportunities by monitoring professional, technical and social media and sharing this with the team.  

As an experienced and talented business manager, Sally has the skillset needed to ensure targets are met, on time and to budget. She is highly organised, driven and possesses the capability to develop maximum sales and profitability. With excellent communication skills, Sally is able to build successful relationships with clients and key decision-makers alike, establishing exactly what they need, and then presenting them with a wide range of services and solutions. 

Sally is a creative and inventive thinker, who craves a challenge and who is not afraid to work outside her comfort zone. A motivated team player who consistently aims to exceed goals, she has the ability to maintain self-motivation and consistently be pro-active. Her high level of personal organisation and time management skills enables her to ensure the Cynergy team consistently deliver projects which exceed client expectations. 

If you think Cynergy can support you in any of your projects you may be working on, get in touch

About David

David has worked at Cynergy for over eleven years and during this time has developed from Junior Designer to Digital Design specialist. 

With David’s extensive cross media experience, he is able to design for a broad range of media, including print, web and motion design. The dedication to our clients and the solutions we create can be seen in a custom and diverse range of products from content managed, responsive website design, to cross media (print and online) quarterly publications.

David looks ahead to identify emerging trends in the world of digital media, working with clients to deliver the most modern and appropriate outcomes. His work involves being able to assess which products provide the best answers to a question or problem to ensure that our clients stay at the forefront of their field.  

David is always working to enhance Cynergy’s digital offer, to ensure we can deliver the most innovate and creative solutions to our clients.   

If you think David can support you in any digital design projects you may be working on, get in touch.

About Paul

Paul joined Cynergy in 2014 and is a core graphic designer working within the heart of Cynergy. In just two years he has become the go-to person for all things motion graphic, specialising in branding, digital creation, animation and 3D. Graduating as an animator and motion graphic designer Paul is well versed in all aspects of design in the creative world, finding inspiration in the most unlikely of things.

With a strong passion for his work, Paul provides an inspired approach, producing the best creative solutions for the client and their projects, a driving force which fuels him to generate innovative design. Currently focused on producing powerful digital content, he provides clients with the tools and ingredients they need to create the most effective and engaging campaigns, events and brands to support and motivate their audience to generate conversations and real-life change.

Paul works on a variety of projects producing a range of graphic and digital materials for clients across the UK. Recently Paul has been working with a number of key client organisations, providing a range of design services for NHS clients, as well as supporting charities and housing associations such as Acis Group, Working Links and Spurgeons.

When Paul is not exploring design and creating things he’s out expanding his hobbies of film, photography and swimming.

Here’s a flavour of the things Paul has worked on: